Volunteer Training

The job training documents will help you understand your job, the processes we have developed, and the general rules of each position. Please review all the general training documents and find your job listed and review the job related training document. Thank You! 

 General Training Information

 For general volunteer information such as parking, what to wear and other event details see Volunteer Information

Department Specific Training

Central Supply 
Dental Triage           
Anesthesia Training
 Central Supply Training   Dental Triage Training

Data Entry                         
Data Entry Training
Endo Training
Hygiene Training

Infection Control               
Medical Triage                   
Infection Control Training
Medical Training

Oral Surgery                    Patient Education           Patient Escort                 
Oral Surgery Training Patient Education Training Patient Escort Training

Patient Exit                
Patient Registration Pedo                          
Patient Exit Training Patient Registration Training Pedo Training

Prosth Lab        
Pharmacy Training Post-Op Training Prosth Lab Training

Radiology                     Restorative               
  Radiology Training Restorative Training  Security Training

Translator/Escort           Volunteer Check-in          
  Sterilization Training Translator/Escort Volunteer Check-in

General Volunteer
 General Volunteer Job Descriptions